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The Idea of Tamil Islamic Radio was conceived and initiated by Bisme Islamic team in 2015. After extensive efforts, finally it materialised and Bisme Radio’s service commenced in March 2017. Objective of BISME ISLAMIC RADIO is to educate, entertain, connect and also to provide support interface for Tamil Muslim community locally as well as globally. Especially in our current era of challenging times of terrorism and radicalisation, there is growing need to emphasise on moderate Islam and to promote inter religious harmony.

Bisme Radio’s programs are carefully selected and edited well in such a way not to affect the norms our highly diverse society. Every effort has been taken to ensure our programs promote inter religious tolerance, cohesion and harmony as well as to promote mutual respect and acceptance of our differences. Other than carefully vetted speeches / sermons, we provide a good varied mix of songs, Quran recitations, translations as well as timely prayer calls as per Singapore time schedule.

When we started this, we had Just 10 listeners on the first day. Gradually our listenership grew substantially. Last year in 2019, our listenership has shot up to more than 100,000 and towards the end of last Ramadhan it has reached 410,000 globally. Currently there are about 230,000 people listening to the radio from 30 over countries We are also adding more interesting and engaging programs so that our service is useful and relevant to our community. Today our programs having excellent reach and good variety mix. We are receiving great feedbacks and compliments from listeners for our quality programs. We have also set up a program advisory committee to ensure our programs are being constantly reviewed to exceed expectations of our audience.

Constantly we are planning to introduce new programs which are expected to serve a better purpose to our community. For Example, we have also established discussion panels with industry experts namely in education, medical / healthcare, law and finance. We expect quality advice from our expert panels will provide guidance to our people to make better decisions for the betterment of our community. We hope to play a stronger role in promoting better understanding, greater inter-religious cohesion, harmony to serve as a supporter for a better and peaceful Singapore.